Quarantined? Take a course in blockchain

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Across the world, millions of people are trapped in their homes to help the global effort to reduce the spread of Covid-19. A quick sweep of Facebook and Instagram gives us some insight into what people are doing to fill the void. Many are doing home bodyweight workouts, others are learning an instr...

Beyond Disruption, Crypto’s United Stance Against Covid-19 Is Its Own Proof of Concept

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Blockchain enterprises are demonstrating the strength of the crypto community as a number of firms have joined forces with Binance to raise funds in the fight against Covid-19.

In early January 2020, Crypto Twitter was lining up on the streets, flying flags for Bitcoin and crypto.

Geopolitical tension...

The Remote Work Cheat Sheet

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Pro tips for working from home

AmaZix always had a distributed workforce and we can tell you: smartwork is better than it sounds

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AmaZix began life back in 2017 as a blockchain consultancy firm. The six founders -- the original AmaSix -- firmly believed in the principles of decentralization and, as a result, chose to function as a distributed, global team. The AmaZix team has remained fully distributed -- working remotely from...

Surviving Blockchain Events in the Shadow of Coronavirus

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Novel Coronavirus is looming large over many of us in the blockchain industry, especially those who are preparing to travel to conferences and events and stand in close proximity with a long line of people we don’t know from across the world. 

A number of health organizations globally have advis...

How To Protect Yourself From DIRTY, FILTHY, Fiat Money

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With news that the Chinese are burning Yuan banknotes to fight the Coronavirus, there may be fears that fiat currency is too dangerous and dirty to handle. After all, money is only as clean as the uncleanest place it has been. Consider that one US study showed that most dollar bills are contaminated...

At the Same Table as Regulators

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How a Compliance-Driven Public Blockchain is Changing Perceptions Towards Emerging Technology in Financial Markets


After overcoming initial teething problems with regulatory compliance, enterprise and consumer acceptance, financial technology (FinTech) has reached a zenith, with neobanking services a...

Coronavirus, Bitcoin and the White and Black Swans

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This article is not about the effects on the world health of the rapidly spreading COVID-19, better known as coronavirus. Rather, it is about the effects that a pandemic could have on the most widespread and "oldest" cryptocurrency on the planet: Bitcoin.

Let's start by clarifying that atte...

3 Steps To Validate Your Crypto Startup Idea - Part 2

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Crypto Startup
3 Steps to Validating Your Crypto Startup Part 2

Continued from Part 1

STEP 2: Continued

Competitor research

A good way to gauge whether your crypto project is likely to gain traction, is by checking out your envisioned competition.

You can check your competition online with a simple search on Coinmar...

3 Steps to Validate Your Crypto Startup Idea - Part 1

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There is absolutely no point building a blockchain-based product that nobody wants, will ever use, or build on top of.

If you’re planning a crypto project purely for the money, or if you’re in it to raise funds without much thought of how that money will be invested, your project has already failed b...