At the Same Table as Regulators

04.03.20 02:11 PM By Dan - Comment(s)

How a Compliance-Driven Public Blockchain is Changing Perceptions Towards Emerging Technology in Financial Markets


After overcoming initial teething problems with regulatory compliance, enterprise and consumer acceptance, financial technology (FinTech) has reached a zenith, with neobanking services a...

Coronavirus, Bitcoin and the White and Black Swans

02.03.20 10:22 AM By Dan - Comment(s)

This article is not about the effects on the world health of the rapidly spreading COVID-19, better known as coronavirus. Rather, it is about the effects that a pandemic could have on the most widespread and "oldest" cryptocurrency on the planet: Bitcoin.

Let's start by clarifying that atte...

3 Steps To Validate Your Crypto Startup Idea - Part 2

27.02.20 03:29 PM By Dan - Comment(s)
Crypto Startup
3 Steps to Validating Your Crypto Startup Part 2

Continued from Part 1

STEP 2: Continued

Competitor research

A good way to gauge whether your crypto project is likely to gain traction, is by checking out your envisioned competition.

You can check your competition online with a simple search on Coinmar...

Glasses to Suits | Beyond Speculation | Decentralizing Innovation

26.02.20 01:43 PM By Dan - Comment(s)

Felix Mago is the self-styled “Grandpa” of the crypto space. The Dash Next and Dash Thailand co-founder was blogging for a German tech outlet when Bitcoin’s rise in 2014 - from $1, to $10, then $100 - prompted him to write Das Bitcoin-Handbuch: The Bitcoin Handbook.

Felix points out how, in just 10 y...

3 Steps to Validate Your Crypto Startup Idea - Part 1

26.02.20 11:35 AM By Dan - Comment(s)

There is absolutely no point building a blockchain-based product that nobody wants, will ever use, or build on top of.

If you’re planning a crypto project purely for the money, or if you’re in it to raise funds without much thought of how that money will be invested, your project has already failed b...

Grassroots Tech | Healthy Blockchain Communities | Headless Marketing

21.02.20 11:03 AM By Dan - Comment(s)

In Episode 11 of the Talkonomics Podcast, Molecule COO Devon Krantz sat down to talk with us.

Devon first stumbled upon blockchain when on a bank introduction course to Bitcoin in 2015. From there she set up her own blockchain software development firm, before co-founding Molecule, a market-based pla...

Behavioral Change | UN SDGs | Young Altruism

12.02.20 10:45 AM By Dan - Comment(s)

When Arnaud St-Paul, the founder of GIVE Nation, caught up with us to talk about the work of his project, Arnaud was keen to tell us that the blockchain came after the vision.

The vision was to affect behavioral change in society. Why the blockchain? Decentralization, money and transparency.

GIVE Nati...

David Wachsman

07.02.20 07:43 AM By Dan - Comment(s)

David Wachsman is Founder and CEO of Wachsman, the world's largest blockchain-focused communications firm with more than eighty employees working from offices in New York, Dublin, and Singapore.

In 2015, David founded Wachsman to provide public relations support to the rapidly growing bitcoin ecosys...

Dennis Lund

07.02.20 07:42 AM By Dan - Comment(s)

Experienced accountant specialized in blockchain and crypto accounting for entities across the world.

Marco Tullio Giordano

07.02.20 07:40 AM By Dan - Comment(s)

Marco Tullio Giordano is a qualified lawyer in Italy, based in Milan and co-founder of LT42 - one of the first italian legal tech companies. He’s specialized in computer related criminal law, ISP liability, cybersecurity, privacy and data protection. He’s ISO/IEC 27001:2014 lead auditor and UNI 1169...

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