PR & Marketing

AmaZix has built a reputation for nurturing relationships with brand communities, turning followers into loyal brand ambassadors and long-term investors. Our extensive experience has shown us that good customer support is at the heart of every strong cryptocurrency project, while projects that fail to properly support their customers invariably wither and die. AmaZix's Customer Support team is made up of consummate blockchain experts that learn your project in detail and give confidence to your prospective and existing customers. They provide quality responses, unparalleled professionalism, and are quick to respond.

  • Live chat support and 24/7 moderation of any community engagement and social media channels at your disposal along with your website.
  • Your project will be moderated around the clock with a minimum of two moderators available at any time.


  • 24/7 scam and spam protection using our proprietary AmaZix Moderation Bot.